The free first tutoring session, 나만 없어!!

Take the survey and get the gift.

23.02.22 ~ 23.03.31

I know💬, just signed up, but should book a tutoring sesh? A bit daunting, isn't it?

Think you are the only one haven't got it yet? No worries, let me give it to you.

Sent you welcome and survey emails. Take the survey and get the gift. Are you really gonna let it slip through your fingers?

  • Who's this for?

    New members to YalliYalli

  • What benefit

    150P, usable immediately for tutoring

  • How long

    23.02.22 ~ 23.03.31

How to try

  • When you sign up, a welcome email and a survey email will be sent (It might be in your spam folder!).

  • If you successfully submit the survey, 150P will be awarded within 3 days.

  • Since the 150P have no restrictions on how to use, you can try out a tutor you want for free.

* If you submit careless answers, you may be excluded from receiving points. Since there are just a few questions, please do your best, promise 😉?